Point of sale Comparsion Report for Opencart 2

by taha.hassanMay 23, 2017


We are happy to help you in selecting the best vendor for your Opencart Point of Sale (POS), we have reated an in-depth comparison table of product, features, and pricing of some of the standard selling Opencart POS. Now You can Compare POS features From all of them and decide the best for You.

FeaturesWebkulTheOne Pos PRI - next G Point of SalePOS4OPENCART
Cost ($)$99.00$299.00$299.00
Open Cart
Auto receipt/invoice printingyesyesyes
Responsive design for PC/Tablet/Mobileyesyesyes
Customizable payment typeyesyesyes
bar-code scanner support (UPC)yesyesyes
Invoice PrintingYesyesyes
Receipt print/set upyesyesyes
payment report(summary and details)yesyesyes
Pos only product (not shown to online customer)Yesyesyes
date format on receipt change per server settingyesyesyes
default payment automationyesyesyes
low stock setting toolyesyesyes
quantity based discountyesyesyes
Responsive design for PC/Tablet/Mobileyesyesyes
Sell on the goyesyesyes
Payment managementyesyesyes
Admin can enable/disable the product status for POS.yesyesyes
Admin can easily manage the inventory and sales.yesyesyes
Easy transaction process.yesyesyes
Admin can create more users to operate the POS system.yesyesyes
Admin can view the sale reports of the respective users.yesyesyes
It also works in offline mode or in poor internet connection.yesyesyes
Admin can manage the customers' data.yesyesyes
Real time synchronization.yesyesyes
Sales report and analytics.yesyesyes
Employee management.yesyesyes
Admin can manage both the store inventory (offline & online) with this single moduleyesyesyes 
Admin can set separate quantity for POS.yesyesyes
Multiple Carts Management.yesyesyes
Agent can create carts as much as required.yesyesyes
Integrated Interfacenoyesyes
Integrated search and browsenoyesyes
split paymentnoyesyes
Payment type set upnoyesyes
Product details/stock available enquirynoyesyes
Product details/stock available enquirynoyesyes
Configurable buttonnoyesyes
Amount due/Change calculationnoyesyes
Search customer by namenoyesyes
Expanable totals displaynoyesyes
Compatible with opencart Tax settingnoyesyes
Customer details update on the flynoyesyes
Notification upon no default addressnoyesyes
Compatible with customer group price settingnoyesyes
Split paymentnoyesyes
auto receipt/invoice printingnoyesyes
Combined search by UPC and ENAnoyesyes
Integrated searching and browsingnoyesyes
"," as decimal supportnoyesyes
Bar-code scanner support (UPC/EAN/SKU/MPN)noyesyes
create new customer on the flynoyesyes
customer search by emailnoyesyes
customer search by telephonenoyesyes
default customer settingnoyesyes
Delete' status with option to purge later (auto/manu)noyesyes
hide orders by statusnoyesyes
inplace pricing (optional)noyesyes
Sales as affiliatenoyesyes
Search by anything/search scope settingnoyesyes
Cash amount input toolnoyesyes
default scan type settingnoyesyes
offline modenoyesyes
decimal quantity(weight based price)noyesyes
different frond-end and back-end currency setting supportnoyesyes
Display cost attribute for product if existsnoyesyes
hide delete buttonnoyesyes
Hide pos order from opencart order listnoyesyes
maximum discount setupnoyesyes
Pos only user groupnoyesyes
product name abbreviation on receiptnoyesyes
purchase order payment typenoyesyes
quick sale/product manual entrynoyesyes
quotation systemnoyesyes
Sales can only see order created by themselvesnoyesyes
serial number managementnoyesyes
Asynchronous mode to adapt slow conectionnoyesyes
shipping method & addressnoyesyes
tabbed setting interfacenoyesyes
table management (restaurant)noyesyes
Touch screen login page(optional)noyesyes
upc/ean compatible scannoyesyes
user manage their own ordersnoyesyes
Product based commissionnoyesyes
centralized stock managementnoyesyes
gift voucher payment typenoyesyes
label printingnoyesyes
lowstock alertnoyesyes
stock/re-stock report printingnoyesyes
Asynchronous mode to adapt slow conectionnoyesyes
Amount due/Change calculationnoyesyes
Configurable receiptnoyesyes
Combined search by UPC and EANnoyesyes
Bar-code scanner support(UPC)yesyesyes

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