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Stuck with your Odoo system? No worries, we provide a wide range of Odoo developers and consultants that have expertise in all aspects of technical services.

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Hire Dedicated Odoo Developer From Odoo Partner Company

Our expert team of in-house Odoo developers have 12+ years of experience with Oddo and ERP sites of all sizes and complexity. Our Odoo ERP development packages are backed by a professional team of Odoo experts. Custom ERP, solid Odoo security, and plenty of Odoo features - AALogics provides it all. For proper customization or configuration of Odoo modules or to get the desired results. Hire Odoo Consultant from us. As the Odoo consultants play an important role in the initial phase of Odoo development and deployment.


What We Offer

Odoo Certified Developers

As an Odoo partner company, we code according to Odoo standards.

Expert Odoo Developers

A team of dedicated Odoo expert for the projects.

Experienced Developers

12 years of experience in different business verticals gives us priority over our competitors.

Dedicated Odoo Expert

Multiple years of expertise in Oddo development and Implementation.

Hire Odoo Expert

Small businesses and large enterprises can hire the services of our experienced Odoo developers at the best price.

Functional Consultant

Our certified Odoo developers leave no stone unturned in addressing complex business problems.

Odoo ERP Consultant

We are an Odoo Official Partner and provide dedicated developers to companies that offer quality development services.

Odoo Website Developer

Have helped companies of all sizes and industries, including startups, IT firms, digital agencies, and many more.

Best Developers Team

Focus on our clients' satisfaction from the start to the end of the project as our top priority is to help our clients achieve their desired business goals.

Our Partners

AALogics is Odoo Official Partner
We are Magento Certified Developers
Adobe Solution Partner - AA Logics
Top Rated Upwork Odoo Developers
Mirasvit Solution Provider
Amasty Solution Provider

No Matter What Industry your Business is in. Feel free to Hire Odoo Developer from Us.

Why We Are Highly Recommended?

Remote Developers Available 24/7

24/7 Communication.

Hire Cost Effective Developers

Budget Friendly Solutions.

We Provide Offshore Odoo Developers Worldwide

Services World Wide.

Odoo ERP Consultant

Multiple Years Of Experience.

We are Budget Friendly

Low Cost Implementation.

Fast Deployment Process

Faster Deployment.

Odoo Support Programmers

Reliable Maintainance and Support.

Odoo Training

AAlogics also offers odoo training which includes a variety of education and consulting services designed to support end users and your employees.Hire Odoo developer from us to work on your dream project today. As we have rich knowledge and experience in the technical and functional workflow. Our Odoo website developer is just near your fingertips.


Our Top Services

Our services just not stop at Odoo we also provide python developers, functional technicians, mobile application builders, integration expert, Open ERP, CRM offshore developer, full cycle development, and many more. The services we offer are.

Hire Best Coders


Attractive Frontend Designer


Odoo ERP Developer

Structured Analysis.

Custom Solution


Support and Maintenance

Support and Maintenance.

SQA Testing

SQA Testing.

Data Migration Consultant

Data Migration.

Odoo Installation Developer


Hire Offshore Odoo Developer



Get Offshore Odoo Consultant

Our Odoo Functional Consultant communicates with clients to understand the vision of their organization and how they want to shape it in the future. After understanding all the aspects carefully, we provide the best quality ERP consulting services that can aid their organization to grow and leverage the best of Odoo ERP.

  • Also our ERP, CRM consultant are here to provide all the latest and updated advice and suggestion. As our ERP, CRM consultants, can identify the right applications your business needs to integrate.
  • We are a full service ODOO provider agency that serves a global clientele and offers outstanding offshore ODOO development services.
  • Feel free to Hire offshore odoo developer and consultants. Right odoo consultation can lead to a profitable business.
  • Not every Odoo software can fit your business. That is why our consultation and functional support can lead to accurate tracking of any business growth.
  • As we are an Odoo partner, we provide all services from cloud deployments, to implementation. We provide dedicated Odoo developer for Saudi Arabia, UK, Australia, Canada, USA, and Europe.
  • Since we provide the latest and upgrade version. Anyone can use our service of remote development and take benefit from it.
  • We offer and provide excellent services at competitive pricing which no one can assure you in the market.
  • If you are planning to take a jump into the implementation of Odoo ERP and project demanding customizations for your company, we at AAlogics are ready to support you with the best.

Hire Remote Odoo Developer

If anyone is in need to hire a remote odoo developer they can also hire from us. There are many benefits of hiring a remote developer.

Need to hire odoo developer

You do not need to hire one physically as you can work with a remote Odoo developer.

remote Odoo developer

Working with a remote Odoo developer is more cost efficient and makes the work done faster and quick.

Odoo Functional Consultant

Remote Odoo developers are usually more skilled full and have a ton of knowledge in the services they offer.

Odoo Website Developer

Working with a remote Odoo developer helps your business or company to improve communication and collaboration.

For Small and Large Businesses

If you look to grow your business small or large. It is a high time you start working with a remote Odoo developer.

SQA Testing

SQA Testing.

Best Developers

Through a good relationship with your remote Odoo developer, you can get more information about certain opportunities and prospects for your business.

Professional Coders

When you work with a professional and specialist remote Odoo developer, you are certain to have the best ideas and excellent delivery despite any pressure.

Hire Odoo Consultant

Odoo Consultation

Odoo Experts

Odoo Development

Odoo Integration Experts

Odoo Integration

Deployment Professionals

Odoo Deployment

We Provide Odoo Training

Odoo Training

Odoo Support Consultant

Odoo Support



70 Hrs of development

Recommended for small Enterprise with 2-5 ERP Users

Without a contract

Business Workflow Analysis & recommendations

2-3 Years Experience

Skills : Odoo Module Configuration

No time tracking

Skills : Business Workflow & Requirement Analysis


100 Hrs of development

Recommended for Business specific ERP workflow

Contract with terms

3-5 Years Experience

Skills : Odoo Developer, FrontEnd Developer & Business Analyst

Time Tracking

Skills : Odoo Hosting & Administration & Data Migration


160 Hrs / Month

Team executions with combined skills

Open for contract

Includes Skills in Professional pack with Additional skills

5+ Years of experience

Skills : Mobile App Developer, IOT Developer, Project Manager

Time tracking and task-based tracking

Workflow Training with Documents and Video Tutorial.

Our Customers Love AA Logics

We do Odoo ERP Customization for Hashmicro


Odoo ERP Customization

Hashimcro is a Singapore-based ERP-based company, whose Odoo development, customization was done. The Odoo project customization also included the creation of the point of sale & other required modules.

Telecom Shop Hired us for Odoo ERP Development and Integration


The Telecom Shop
Magento - Odoo Integration, ERP Development

We developed Odoo ERP for thetelecomshop, and we integrated Odoo ERP with Magento 2 Enterprise Edition. We developed custom Modules along with required customization & maintenance.

They Hired us for Odoo Consulting, Odoo Integration and Implementation


Mc-Master Supply Group
Odoo ERP Customization, Configuration, Maintenance & Support

Mc-Master supply group hired us to install & Customize Odoo EPR for their internal management. We provided ongoing support & maintenance as well.

Aga Color Hired us for Odoo ERP Migration and Customization


Aga Color Solutions
Odoo ERP Migration, Customization, Integration with Amazon SES

Aga Color is a Shopify store that took our Odoo ERP services. We integrated Odoo with the Amazon S3 with some custom functionalities in SES. We also updated & customized their sale purchase feature.

We are the Best in Business Process Management Solutions


AAlogics ERP
Odoo ERP Development

Our ERP specialists developed a complete ERP solution having Accounting, HR, Payroll, CRM, Sales & other modules. We also provide maintenance & support services.

We do Odoo ERP Customization and Migration for Arabizman


Customization, Migration from Excel File to Odoo ERP

The services we offered to Arabizman were uploading the products from excel file to Odoo 14. We also added some custom functions & features.

To Hire An Odoo Developer, You Can Get A Custom Quote From Our Sales Team.