Our Amazon Web Services Includes:

Migrating your current website to AWS

WE will provide you following services

  • Setup Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and install the required software like php, mysql, apache, phpmyadmin OR WordPress, Magento, Drupal.
  • Amazon Route 53 to setup your Domain with AWS Hosting platform.
  • Setup Amazon RDS and connect with EC2 instance.
  • Configure your DNS.
  • Setup your own VPS on AWS cloud.

Migrate your Magento site to AWS Elasticbeanstalk

WE will provide you following services:

  • Load balancing environment.
  • Autoscale server.
  • Hosting images to S3.
  • Database on RDS server.
  • Setting up cloudfront for performance.
  • Setting up Route53.
  • Setting up memcache and redis cache.
  • Setting up staging and prod environments.

Setting up a single AWS Environment

WE will provide you following services

  • Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) to house the services.
  • An Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) Instance for your DB Backend.
  • A Web Layer for your code to live on.
  • A Load Balancer to manage traffic to your Web Layer.
  • Configuration of your Domain to send traffic to the Web Layer.
  • Setup of Amazon Certificate Manager TLS/SSL certification for your domain.

Complete AWS Toolkit

We can Integrate your Magento store with :

  • AWS API Gateway
  • AWS Lambda
  • Amazon’s AWS S3
  • Amazon’s Redshift
  • Amazon’s Mobile Hub
  • Amazon’s SNS & Mobile Analytics
  • Amazon’s Cloud Watch
  • Amazon’s Cloud Formation and Cloud Trail

Amazon MWS/AWS API Development

  • We can build an interface for your system hosted at your server to communicate with Amazon MWS/API.

AWS Manage and Support services

  • WE can Monitor the quality and flexibility of your Amazon Environment.


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