Magento 2 Migration Services

The high road to become a successful e-commerce business plan is Magento 2 migration services

Among the highest newly technology incarnation of the e-commerce platform is Magento 2. Approximately every 4 out of 1 online stores by 20,0000 retailers using Magento software.

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Salient Features of Magento 2 Migration Marketplace

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Beyond doubt, Magento 2 upgradation has better performance as compared to Magento 1 in all use cases. We can plan your migration optimistically and using Magento 2 extension to extend your business functionality. All you need Hire Magento Developer to grow your successful online business store.

Magento 2 Migration From Magento 1

Update store from magento 1 to magento 2

Without breaking anything we have the best minds in the AAlogics e-commerce development industry. They are consistently proving successful Magento migration to all platforms. Error-free migration of your data and customization that fulfill your requirement by our e-commerce experts.

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Shopify to Magento 2 Migration

Let starts migration from shopify to magento 2

For us, migration from Shopify to upgrade Magento 2 is never difficult. Giving your digital business complete data migration in a smooth, sophisticated manner, trouble-free and with Magento Maintenance Packages. Our goal is to move Shopify to Magento 2 with 100% precisely.

Woo-commerce to Magento 2 Migration

woo-commerce migration to magento 2

We make your e-commerce business journey of your dreams without giving you any migration headaches. Our Magento specialist has 15+ years of experience in the IT industry and performs Woo-commerce to Magento 2 migration in cost-effective and in lesser time. Giving Woo-commerce migration in a user-friendly manner, fast, and secure without complications.

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Prestashop to Magento 2 Migration

Upgrade prestashop to Magento 2 at economical cost

Providing Prestashop e-commerce solution to Magento 2 migration services with Magento Maintenance Packages. Focusing on zero percent difficulty process and prove successful Prestashop to Magento 2 migration. Our PHP Development Services are so smart that they achieved Magento migration easily with their skill and give you a secure, reliable and synchronized store.

Bigcommerce to Magento 2 Migration

Migrate today from bigcommerce to Magento 2 at affordable cost

Easy migration of your complete Bigcommerce, ensure backup and reliability at all enterprise level. With our specialty of Magento migration allows you data security and completing the migration process effectively. Make your business technological with a large ecosystem and more feature set. Our Magento scientist accelerates your business growth by managing integrations, data migration and SEO services.

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Magento 2 speed optimazation


Magento 2 migration gives perks page speed time and supports orders and a prolonged number of page views. Improved Cache performance by using Varnish Cache that uses for the HTTP accelerator.

reliable Magento 2 one step checkout processes


Magento 2 migration gives you only 2 steps for a process instead of 6 as in Magento 1. Ease of customization for the owner and also for customers to make orders. This will help with the customer experience and decrease checkout friction.

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This Magento 2 characteristic enhances your eCommerce performance by up to 86% along with enterprise scalability. Multiple admin users can edit products without data conflicts and redundancy that leads to error-free edits and the creation of e-commerce products.

move on Magento 2 for better mobile friendliness


Touch screen-friendly panel allowing the best user experience to make orders online easily and can do simplified checkouts. cross-platform compatibility, browser and device compatibility improved in Magento 2 with more security.

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Advantages of Magento 2 ?

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Even though there are so many technologies for building up online stores, Magento 2 has their own distinct qualities that force you to start your business from here. This e-commerce platform is being used for more than a decade and fortunately, we are giving Magento services for so many years. AAlogics change the perspective of so many online business projects that stakeholders never know what we can do for their businesses.

Appealing User Interface

Magento 2 offers businesses a more user-friendly interface on desktop and mobile. The adorable themes increase customer usability because of easiness.

Enhanced Purchasing Experience

Its dashboard is the best user and admin friendly. Easily navigate all parts of the admin panel, quick and short checkout process and find information more easily.

Advanced scalability

Performance is increased as compared with previous Magento versions. Magento 2 uses an enhanced database i.e MySQL 5.6 that makes queries faster, reindexing and better browsing caching.

Amazing Theme

Magento 2 are amazing and run well on any cross platforms. Also giving an opportunity to build a theme from scratch. In this version themes load quickly with many visual elements without lagging.

We have a plan that defines success and reduces cart abandoned rate at the lowest by moving to Magento 2 store.

We can't ignore it, the majority of the market is now governed by the internet. Each and every day so many online business setups on the internet and this figure are growing consistently. The best website has become more important which looks different than others. Magento 2 store is only the appropriate solution that contains so many features related to a complete online web store. We make your business flawless and make you stronger in the modern world where you can stand fearless and heroic. By taking our Magento 2 migration services no one can stop you to win the race. Our Magento programmers are so skilled and give their best to make your online store result driven and generate sales with huge traffic.

Why Do You Need Magento 2 migration?

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At starting every business looks small and running fine but when your business grows it needs expandability to fulfill business needs. Magento 2 meets all your requirements with reliable features and extensions that advance your business. Magento 2 has so many exciting reasons that force you to take advantage of them including fast speed, new architecture, updated cache capabilities and awesome UX for customers and owners.

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Certified Magento Programmers

We have Highly task-oriented developers that achieve your goal with their best practices and make your dreams real. fulfill your business needs with 100% satisfaction.

Accurate Data Migration

Our certified data migrator easily converts one platform to Magento 2 without any breakdown or loss of data. We understand your time and business security and give you precise migration.

Do More In Less Time

Time is important for your business and we achieve your goal in a given time and not only this our pre and post-migration support always gives you updates.

Transferable Skills

AAlogics offers complete Magento 2 migration services performed by our top developers including theme migration, extension migration, and data migration with any loss.

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