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Adobe Magento 2 Migration & Upgrade Services

Among the highest newly technology incarnation of the e-commerce platform is Magento 2. Approximately every 4 out of 1 online stores by 20,0000 retailers using Magento software.

Magento Migration Services

Features of Magento 2 Migration Services

AALogics can assist with any migration to Magento, including those from Magento Open Source (formerly Community) to Magento Commerce (formerly Enterprise), Magento 1 to 2 and other platforms like Volusion, WooCommerce, osCommerce, BigCommerce, Shopify, Big Cartel, Zen Cart, Opencart, Weebly, IBM Websphere Commerce, and VirtueMart, to name a few. That is why we recommend business owners and individuals to migrate their stores to a better platform, Adobe commerce and use our Magento 2 migration services as this can bring a lot of benefits to online stores and businesses.

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Why you need Magento 1 To Magento 2 Migration & Upgrade Services?

At starting every business looks small and running fine but when your business grows it needs expandability to fulfill business needs. Magento 2 meets all your requirements with reliable features and extensions that advance your business. Magento 2 upgrade has so many exciting reasons that force you to take advantage of them including fast speed, new architecture, updated cache capabilities and awesome UX for customers and owners.

We can easily migrate products, orders, customers, and other important data from Magento 1 to Magento 2. Our Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration consists of 4 different steps.

  • Theme Migration
  • Data Migration
  • Customisation Migration
  • Extension Migration

Our top-notch Magento migration services include support service, solution providing, upgrade to Magento 1 to Magento 2, Ecommerce strategy, technical optimization, UI/UX/CX design, customization, integration, and 24x7 support and maintenance are all areas where we can be of assistance.


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Shopify To Magento OR Magento To Shopify Migration

For us, migration from Shopify to upgrade Magento 2 is never difficult. Giving your digital business complete data migration in a smooth, sophisticated manner, trouble-free and with Magento Maintenance Packages. Our goal is to move Shopify to Magento 2 with 100% precisely. We provide one of the best eCommerce store migration services at an affordable price. Simply hire our specialists to Migrate Shopify to Magento.

We will bring your store from Shopify to Magento or vice versa, implementing all the existing functionalities and adding new functionalities that will be fruitful for your store's growth. Not every Odoo software can fit your business. That is why our consultation and functional support can lead to accurate tracking of any business growth. We provide the world’s best Ecommerce solutions platform as we provide Shopify to Magento migration services all over the world and also Hassle-free Magento to Shopify migration services. If you choose to migrate from any other platform to Magento, it has a vast plugin marketplace to add extensions to your website. It is very extensive and highly capable.


Woo-commerce to Magento 2 Migration

We make your e-commerce business journey of your dreams without giving you any migration headaches. Our Magento specialist has 15+ years of experience in the IT industry and performs Woo-commerce to Magento 2 migration in cost-effective and in lesser time. Giving Woo-commerce migration in a user-friendly manner, fast, and secure without complications.


Prestashop to Magento 2 Migration

Providing Prestashop e-commerce solution to Magento 2 migration services with Magento Maintenance Packages. Focusing on zero percent difficulty process and prove successful Prestashop to Magento 2 migration. Our PHP Development Services are so smart that they achieved Magento migration easily with their skill and give you a secure, reliable and synchronized store.


Bigcommerce to Magento 2 Migration

Easy migration of your complete Bigcommerce, ensure backup and reliability at all enterprise level. With our specialty of Magento migration allows you data security and completing the migration process effectively. Make your business technological with a large ecosystem and more feature set. Our Magento scientist accelerates your business growth by managing integrations, data migration and SEO services.

Adobe Commerce Migration & Upgrade Service

Our Adobe commerce migration services helps the online store owners to migrate their existing online stores to Adobe Commerce.

  • Our migration solutions help to leverage the complete benefits of the Adobe platform and drive transformative changes in the Ecommerce Business.
  • We help clients understand the nature of Adobe commerce upgrades, define budget & resource allocation, and establish processes and key milestones.
  • It takes time to find the perfect Magento services luckily AAlogics is one of the best Magento service provider in the world.

Online Store Growth

If Your Online Store Is Growing Rapidly Then It Is The Right Time To Switch To Magento This Will Be The Right Choice For You.

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Adobe Commerce (Magento) Migration Benefits

Quick Magento 2 Migration Services

Fast Speed & Load Time

Magento 2 migration gives perks page speed time and supports orders and a prolonged number of page views. Improved Cache performance by using Varnish Cache that uses for the HTTP accelerator.

Smooth Magento Upgrade Process

Improved Checkout Processes

Magento 2 migration gives you only 2 steps for a process instead of 6 as in Magento 1. Ease of customization for the owner and also for customers to make orders. This will help with the customer experience and decrease checkout friction.

Magento 2 Upgrade Service

Better Flexibility & Scalability

This Magento 2 characteristic enhances your eCommerce performance by up to 86% along with enterprise scalability. Multiple admin users can edit products without data conflicts and redundancy that leads to error-free edits and the creation of e-commerce products.

Magento to Shopify Migration

High Mobile Friendliness

Touch screen-friendly panel allowing the best user experience to make orders online easily and can do simplified checkouts. cross-platform compatibility, browser and device compatibility improved in Magento 2 with more security.

Adobe Commerce (Magento) Migration Benefits

AALogics Creates Best User Interface

Appealing User Interface

Magento 2 offers businesses a more user-friendly interface on desktop and mobile. The adorable themes increase customer usability because of easiness.

We focused on Better Purchasing Experience

Enhanced Purchasing Experience

Its dashboard is the best user and admin friendly. Easily navigate all parts of the admin panel, quick and short checkout process and find information more easily.

Adobe Commerce Migration

Advanced scalability

Performance is increased as compared with previous Magento versions. Magento 2 uses an enhanced database i.e. MySQL 5.6 that makes queries faster, re indexing and better browsing caching.

We Migrate any Magento2 Theme

Amazing Theme

Magento 2 are amazing and run well on any cross platforms. Also giving an opportunity to build a theme from scratch. In this version themes load quickly with many visual elements without lagging.

Why our Customers Loves Us?

We have been giving Magento services since it launched in 2007. AAlogics has so many experienced Magento developers with authentic certifications. Our vision is to provide solutions that give a lot of benefits as compared to previous eCommerce platforms.

We do Odoo ERP Customization for Hashmicro
Website Development, Magento Development Services

The UK and Europe’s based vehicle components providing company used our Magento development services. Our Magento experts fulfilled their project requirements and developed their eCommerce store fully from scratch using Magento 2 version.

Telecom Shop Hired us for Odoo ERP Development and Integration
Magento Solution, Magento Services, Customization, Development

Imark is an emerging marketplace. They availed our Magento development and maintenance services to develop their marketplace with advanced features. We provided them Magento development services with the focus to cater complete Magento eCommerce solutions.

Telecom Shop Hired us for Odoo ERP Development and Integration
Website Creation, eCommerce Store Development, Magento 2 Development Services

Mawad, an eCommerce store, hired our certified Magento developers to develop their website from scratch. Our Magento developers created their website.

Telecom Shop Hired us for Odoo ERP Development and Integration
Samsung Brand Cart
Server Maintenance, Response time, Server Response Time, Site Loading Speed

Samsung Brandcart, a Kenya-based eCommerce store, hired our Server Specialists to improve the response time and fix TTFP loading time. Our professionals fixed their issue alo

Telecom Shop Hired us for Odoo ERP Development and Integration
Zero Makeup
Migration Magento 1 to Magento 2 & Customization

Multinational makeup brands, rent out our Magento services to update their store to Magento 2 to compete best in the industry. For Zero Make we enhanced the

Telecom Shop Hired us for Odoo ERP Development and Integration
Migration WooCommerce to Magento & UI enhancement

We have managed to bring a boost to Edenrobe because of the modification & transformation of their website from WooCommerce to Magento 2. We also