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Hire Magento Developer if you need Custom Magento Website Setup

WE can provide you following services

  • Theme Installation
  • Extension Installation
  • Payment Gateway (i.e. EasyPaisa, PayPal, Credit Card etc)
  • Onestep checkout.
  • Theme customization
  • Layer Navigation
  • SEO Optimization
  • Product Entry with proper Meta Description and high competitive keywords.
  • Full backup of Magento store files
  • Full backup of your database

Hire Magento Developer for Technical Support

We can assist you in the following:

  • Bug fixing
  • Design tweaks
  • CSS/HTML tweaks
  • Layout changes
  • Magento Theme Upgrade
  • Magento Extension Upgrades
  • Configuration of Magento
  • jQuery conflict issues
  • Theme setup and config issue.

Hire Magento Developer Outsourcing/Outstaffing

  • Our Magento developers can be your remote team.
  • We offer Magento designing and development services for local and International companies and provide reasonable contract models.
  • Currently few of our developers are full-time virtually recruited in US, Australian and Pakistani based companies.

Hire Magento Developer for 3rd Party Integration

We can Integrate your Magento store with :

  • POS system
  • Fulfillment company
  • Suppliers data feeds
  • Drop Shipping services
  • ERP

Migrating To Magento - Hire Magento Developer

    • We can migrating your existing solutions to Magento with all data, with old or completely new design, whatever platforms your store is installed at, with any level of complexity.

Hire Magento Developer for Magento Performance Tuning

  • We provide Magento performance tuning for fast loading, responsive and lightweight Magento ecommerce site.


We provide the following usefull Magento extensions that will take your Magento store to the next level of success.

Hire Magento Developers

  • Are you Looking for someone to Install Magento, fine-tune it, uploading products and configure Magento theme ?
  • Or have you got any Magento2 Issue/Bug ?
  • Would like to Migrate your Magento Ecommerce Site ?
  • Or Wants to Apply critical Magento Security Patches to your Magento e-Commerce Store ?

Then you have landed on the right place.

Hire Magento Developer from AALOGICS (Karachi, Pakistan) and get your problem resolved quickly.

We are Magento experts team in Karachi with 7+years experience having the ability to fix any kind of Magento issue. If you have any Magento related issue then Hire Magento Developers from us so we can help you and fix it quickly.

You can also Hire Magento Developer from AALOGICS (Karachi, Pakistan) team if you like to move your Magento Ecommerce Site to a new hosting or to a new domain. We will help you migrate your Magento Ecommerce Site manually because through extensions or automated methods migration isn't that reliable.

Hire Magento Developers Karachi from us that will make a full backup of all your website files, content and your database.

Hire Magento Developer from AALOGICS (Karachi, Pakistan), if you need Installation of latest stable Magento release versions, Magento themes and extensions upgrades.

Do you need to Set up store, tax zones, currency setup, shipping setup, payment or checkout setup, security enhancement or general configuration ? Hire Magento Developers Karachi from expert Magento team of AAlogics.

If your Magento store is not patched securely then it allows hacker to take full control of the store. If your Magento website has been exploited by this then Hire Magento Developer from AALOGICS (Karachi, Pakistan). Also, just installing the patch won't fix the issue as the hackers will likely have left a backdoor back into your Magento website on your server so Hire Magento Developer Karachi from us and have a strong security lock of your store.

Many of the Magento stores owners contacted us and Hire Magento Developer from AALOGICS (Karachi, Pakistan) to restore their Magento websites and put a strong security lock for further attacks.


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