5+ Magento 2 Extensions for Sales Motivation on Holiday 2019

by Farhan KarimNovember 26, 2019


New Year’s Eve is coming! However, they will not come alone. They will be accompanied by a sharp increase in the demands of customers on numerous kinds of goods and services. Right now, it is the best time in the year to rocket your sales by launching sales promotion or trade discount programs.

If you are running an eCommerce business, how can you maximize the benefits of these programs in a marketing campaign to achieve your desired sales? The answers are varied. However, a should-included answer is that you need some useful tools to optimize your website. If your website is using Magento 2 platform, “useful tools” here definitely are Magento 2 Extensions.

Here are the top 6 must-have Magento 2 Extensions for sales motivation on holiday 2019. They will help you customize your website in a quick and effective way and boost customers’ experience to increase sales in the peak shopping season.

1. One step checkout extension

Do you know that the average e-commerce store loses more than 75% of its sales due to cart abandonment (Stephan, 2019)? It means that you are losing a huge source of revenue because the customers leave your website without finishing a purchase after adding items to their carts. It is obvious that you need to eliminate or reduce abandoned carts to boost your sales.

Among the main reasons for cart abandonment, the popular one is a complicated and confusing checkout process. The buyers find it boring and inconvenient when they have to create a new account or do lots of steps to complete the checkout. The Magento 2 one step checkout extension is a perfect solution to reduce cart abandonment and increase conversion rate. This optimum extension provides your customers an incredible one checkout page with all necessary information such as shipping address, shipping method, payment method. order summary, ect. In addition, they don’t have to waste time creating a new account to complete the purchase because they can use social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, ect to check out quickly.

2. Recommended products extension

Product recommendation is one of the best ways to approach cross-selling and upselling in ecommerce. If you can do cross-selling and upselling effectively, you can boost your sales significantly. That’s why recommended products extension is a must-have extension for sales motivation.

Recommended products extension offers you a sensible and intelligent way to draw your customers’ attention to other products without annoying or disturbing them. It will estimate relationships between ordered products, recently bought products, recently seen products with others smartly and automatically and then display to the buyers. The recommended products are updated regularly according to customers’ behaviour, so the customers will have comfortable and enjoyable experience when shopping at your store. This is a way to encourage them buy more and more and push up sales.

3. Quote extension

Almost all customers love bargaining. They may feel that they can raise their voice and get more attractive price for the products, especially when they buy in large quantity. This feeling will motivate them to buy more and more, so it can be considered a good way to boost your ecommerce sales. Why not offer your customers a chance of negotiation by adapting the Customer Quotation extension for Magento 2 for your website?

With the Customer Quotation for Magento 2, you can create and manage efficiently quote request from the frontend and the backend, so you can negotiate the price with your customers in a simple way. Admin can also offer customers a special price when they buy a large quantity. How about your customers? They can easily send a quote request with custom price and other details they want you to provide. Magento 2 Quote Extension also includes automatic notification emails, department assignment, attaching PDF proposal and much more.

It is a must-have extension if you want to make your e-commerce become a highly interactive trade.

4. Marketplace extension

Holiday is coming, which leads to a dramatic rise in the demands for various products and services of customers. So, why not increase your revenue by converting your ecommerce website into an automatic online marketplace? To do that you only need to let multiple vendors or sellers do their business in your website.

The Magento 2 Marketplace Extension is an essential tool helping you achieve your purpose. Your vendors can upload goods they want to sell and manage almost everything by themselves such as prices, shipping, discounts, payment method, ect. In addition, as an administrator, you can easily keep track of all the business thanks to advanced report supported. This extension also offers many other benefits such as friendly feedbacks and reviews, separate sellers’ profile, flexible commission, ect.

5. Out of stock and Pre-order extension

It is unavoidable that your products would be out of stock in particular period of time. What will happen if the demand of your customers for this product is still significant? Yes, you are losing lots of potential buyers, and of course, your sales would be decreased considerably.

The best solutions for this situation are the out of stock and preorder extension. With Magento 2 Out of Stock extension, your customers will be notified of not only product status but also price changes. They can choose to subscribe notification for: out of stock products, sale off products, changed price products. It gives them highly convenient experience when shopping because they do not have plenty of free time to visit and check your website regularly just to order some goods. Notification of products’ availability is a smart way to “remind” your customers of choosing your goods and boost your sales.

On the other hand, you can encourage your customers to make a purchase immediately by utilize the Magento 2 Pre-order extension. Your customers can order the out of stock or upcoming products and get the notification for any changes of them. They also can pay for partial or total price of each product. Moreover, this is a good way to analyze and update the demand of your buyers and adapt your services to meet their needs.

6. Hide price extension

You want to encourage your customers to log in or register an account to shop on your online store so that you can approach more buyers and increase the on-site time as well as purchasing possibility of them, right? Yes. It is one of many reasons for the desire of the ecommerce business for hiding or showing the price. Other reason is that you want to control the price for increasing or decreasing easily without any conflicts and set specific price depending order volume, quantity of products, partnership, business relationship, ect. It is an effective way to motivate your customers to buy products in bulk and become your close partners.

The Magento 2 Hide Price extensionis an appropriate choice for you if you want to raise your revenue by following the way has been mentioned. One outstanding features of this extension is that you can easily hide price for specific or multiple products or product categories at the same time. You can also hide the price of products to all customers or only some groups of customers or visitors. Moreover, it is easy and convenient to replace “add to cart” button by your expected messages such as “register now”, “contact for details”, “contact admin for price”,..It helps to create more interactions between the owners and the customers, give buyers chances to negotiate price, offer buyers more attractive price and boost your sales.


What is the best Magento 2 extension for your ecommerce? The answers depend on your purposes. If you want to motivate your sales on upcoming holiday, let’s consider some great extensions to boost revenue and achieve your goals.


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