Why Your Ecommerce Website needs Mobile App

by harrisDecember 28, 2017

As you know the smartphone are one of the most popular tech in the hands of everyone around the world, they are the best medium to send, receive and view information faster than any other. If we talk about any business especially Ecommerce sector, mobile apps are very important and beneficial for them.


Mobile apps for your e-commerce store is among the best medium that will connect your store to all of your customers. Imagine your e-commerce store products are are right at the fingertips of your customer and they just need to do a tap to get you a sale. Customers prefer surfing via mobile apps rather than browsing the website.


In-addition you can give customer support or customer complaint resolutions through your app that will help you build your brand loyalty. If you see thought a customer perspective, what you need to do is just take out your smartphone from your pocket, open e-commerce mobile app, find needy product, click checkout and just wait for the order to arrive at your door steps. That's It!


If you know about Alibaba one of the largest Business-to-Business (B2B) Platform in the world Dominates mobile Commerce with 76% of all sales in China. Alibaba's online shopping as in the third quarter of year 2017 had more than 549 million mobile active users (MAU).


Here are 5 benefits your ecommerce site can get from your mobile App.


Push Notifications:

Push notification are one of the best way you can keep your customer in your sites touch. These push notification in your mobile app are very useful at the time you want to send any deals or super promotion to your customer. These types of notification will increase your user engagement as well as they will up your sales.

And your user don't even have to open the app on their mobile to see what promotion you are running, they will just popup in their notification bar.



Brand Loyalty


Everyone out there in the market are trying hard to create a brand for themself, but we all know what efforts it needs to make a successful brand. According to an online survey more then 65% of mobile users shops only from their favorite brands and that’s where you app comes in to strengthened to bond between your users with your brand.

Mobile app also portray the image that this ecommerce store is mature enough to step in the market and can deliver fine quality goods.



Search Engine Optimization

If you have already heard of app indexing you will probably know that the search engine giants like google are now using app data in connection with your ecommerce store or websites content to rank your pages. The algos user deep links from your website to explore you mobile app.

In simpler words using mobile app for your ecommerce store is one of the way to double your ranking in search engines and make your way to the top of those listings.


Secure payments, Speed and Ease

Once you have won the loyalty of your customer, they will return to your webstore but make sure this time they can shop faster and securely. Mobile app will do this for your customer, once you app is optimized the user can go through your products with speed and ease. Also once they created their account in your app they won't be needing to enter all the details again and again on checkout page.

Mostly users just skip your website when they want small quantity of items and they have to fill complex checkout forms, and definitely we don't want that.



Mobile apps over mobile browser


In this technology era everyone have smartphones in their hands. According to a study around 75% of the user user mobile app instead of mobile browser, and the ratio is almost same on tablets phones. If we talk about mobile users traffic then their is higher traffic for tablets then it is for smartphones.



Supply Grocery is one of our client who is using Andoid app aswell as Ios App to increse their brand loyality and ofcourse their Sales.


If you are Already using Magento 1 or Magento 2 then you can go through our Extensions to improve your store.


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