Image file size and physical dimension for an online store

by AsifMay 24, 2017

Product images are the key factor for a successful ecommerce site. Image file size and physical dimension always play an important role to grow an online business.

Images file size

Mostly, consumers wait for 3 to 5 seconds to load a webpage, so if you increase your page load speed by reducing your image file size then consumers who vist will click away.

"Save for Web" command in Adobe photoshop is the best solution to adjust the image file size and quality. And there are several online image editing tools, adobe also has an application at for online image editing.

Best sizes of product images

There are three sizes which are commonly used in ecommerce sites. These are as follows:

Magento and many other platforms have their own recomendations regarding images sizes.

Magento recommends 50px width & 50px height for thumbnail images and 370px width & 370px height for Small Images used in listings on category and search results pages.

And for the base Image used for product page, magento recomendation is 470px width & 470px height, while 1100px width & 1100px height is recommended for image zoom.


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