Google Shopping and its benefits

by hammad.usmaniAugust 3, 2016

What is google shopping, shopping campaigns and Ads?

Google Shopping comforts shoppers to find their required product easily by searching. Now as the number of online shoppers and providers are increasing rapidly so in this competition and a great pool of data Google Shopping exposes your products to more potential buyers that perfectly suits your products. It matches specific search queries to your relevant product offer to perfectly expose the product to the potential buyer, Google Shopping provides you a full and more control over where your ads should be exposed and this is how increases your level of high quality website traffic that all are interested in your store and products.

If you're a retailer then this is perfect for you as you can simply set up and use Shopping campaigns to promote your online and local inventory, boost the quality traffic to your website or local store whatever you are running, and find better qualified leads. To get started, it just required a simple set up to be done, first step is to send your product data with Merchant and then create a campaign in AdWords. Then it will use your campaign to create ads on Google and around the global web where it could be exposed to your potential customers can see your products that what you're selling. These placements are called shopping ads, because these are more than a text ad, it shows your Ad. In an interactive way to users i.e. a photo of your product, plus a title, price, store name, and more. The first look simply makes your product clear to the customers in first sight as they are self-explaining and attractive. So in this sense it leads to a better quality traffic, more sales and revenue.

More product focused

Google Shopping provides you more product specific and detailed performance information. You provide your complete product inventory directly in AdWords and then you can structure your campaigns simply by product grouping and categories to give you full control over the bidding strategies.

More granular control with campaign priorities and custom labels

Google Shopping Campaigns now offering 5 levels of custom labels. Custom labels are a new and structured way to tag your products in your data feed, you tag your products with attributes that suits you, for example the attribute ‘margin’ to separate your high- and low-margin products simply, price range or promotional status etc.

More advanced reporting capabilities

Google Shopping Campaigns now offering you the ability to track the performance data by each product or by defined your product’s attributes. Since the performance metrics are associated with each item not the product group, you can easily filter and slice data by applying filters on your product attributes. This includes all Google product category, brand, condition, product type, custom labels and item id.

Access to competitive metrics

Google Shopping is the ability to gain cherished visions into your competitive landscape. You now have access to the estimated CTR average and Max CPC for other competitive advertisers with same products in the market. Although the performance data is unidentified it gives you an accurate target that what your competitors in market are planning and performing. So by this it allows you to make more strategic decisions for the market to fight in the market full of competition.

Google shopping provides a lot of more benefits e.g. providing you More traffic, Better qualified leads, Easy retail-centric campaign management, Broader presence and so on.

Where your ads appear

Below mentioned is where you can see your ads.

  • Google Shopping (in selected countries)
  • Google Search - next to search results and separate from text ads.
  • Google Search Partner websites, if your campaign is set to include search partners then it is including YouTube and Image Search in some countries

Your Shopping ads can appear at the same time as text ads, because we want to give shoppers access to the full variety of products that match their search. The traffic you will be getting from the google shop will be the quality traffic as the intention of this traffic is to buy/shop that product as they have already checked all the details and coming to your site to finally purchase the product.


So this is how you can get the quality traffic on your site whom intentions are to buy your products finally as they have already seen the whole features and description of your product. It is also providing you the best tracking options and representing the information in an awesome way so that the new ideas will click in your mind and you can plan better to remain in market in this competitive era.

So now what are you thinking about? AALOGICS is here to provide you the best services in developing your online store and Seo Services to start a new and successful business.


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