AAlogics Launches Edenrobe.com on Magento 2

by Farhan KarimSeptember 29, 2020

AAlogics Launches Edenrobe.com, A Pioneer Magento Platform in the Challenge of COVID-19.

Edenrobe, #1 leading innovative projects powered by ,AAlogics Pvt Ltd, came out in severe challenges of the COVID-19 as the famous clothing outlet that provides a new market transformation from its WordPress to Magento.

Edenrobe has noticed the scope of e-commerce is Magento after the covid19, which led them to adopt the best digital platform to provide an amazing experience to their customers.

Edenrobe is a prominent Clothing online store for all ages. They came out with a new concept that their e-commerce outlet to increase their revenues and sales even in the pandemic situation, as well as providing new vacancies for individuals to work online from home, while at the same time gaining the orders from locally and internationally.

They realize that for big brands, WordPress is not suitable. So they decided to migrate to Magento with complete products. They want exquisite site navigation and impressive UI/UX on Magento. AAlogics do all of it professionally. You can now purchase from a vast collection with only a few clicks. It also provides easy transactions for every purchase.

Ali Asif , CEO of AAlogics, said that "We as certified Magento developers, believe that great opportunities always hide by significant problems, and covid19 qualify us a new lifestyle and new concept to work together in order to succeed online businesses. Originals that are entrepreneurs, inventors, and scientists will always rise with new solutions to transform the market.

It is a special honor that our talent and effort have led to developing and launching a new shape to Edenrobe.


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