10 Effective Strategies to Successfully Market your Product Online.

by Hamza SiddiquiDecember 1, 2016

You’ve developed your ecommerce website.

Whats Next Now ?

After development and running, it’s time to get traffic on your online store and making revenue. Whether you’re still trying to get your first sale, or you’ve been at a while, we're always here to provide you Seo Services to promote your business.

If you would like to promote a product, read the following 10 most effective Seo Services strategies to successfully market it.

1. Define and set your business goals and objectives

Mostly business owners come up with some thing they want without having any compelling visions, strong enough reasons and they never reviewed anything untill they broke. 

Setting goals with defined vision makes you strive for it. You review these goals and feel them almost every day this makes your brian acute on things which makes your goals accomplished.

2 Map out your target audiences (Personae).

Once you have demographics in place, you should be able to identify those channels where your prospects are active.

3 Develop your marketing strategy that into consideration a good marketing mix (4Ps and 7Ps)

A marketing mix are the "Ps," which include product, price, place, promotion, people, process and physical evidence. Because the product defines the company, the price defines the quality, place defines the target customer and product packaging, customers' relations and branding defines promotion. You can use this " Ps " model in setting up your objectives, conducting a SWOT analysis and undertaking competitive analysis.

4. Develop your SEO and link building strategy.

Your SEO would be based around; targeting long tail keywords. Your link building methodology would be focused around; relevance, domain and page authority. Make sure you have a blog where you publish content. Your content could include, solving a problem or showing your users how to do something. It will have to provide real value.

5. Create your social media strategy based on the goals of your business.

Build effective testing capabilities into every action you take on social networks like, tracking the number of clicks your links receiving on a particular platform using URL shorteners and UTM codes.

Read out more about Seo Services and social media marketing of your product in our article 10 best ways to find new customers.

6. Carry out a succinct competitor analysis

Spy on what your competitors are doing that has given them an edge to become successful.

7. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly (responsive).

It should need to load fast, has good UX and passes Google speed and mobile tests.

8. Start with a social media marketing platform - Facebook

Instead of using Google Adwords, you must first start with a social media marketing platform like facebook. Why? It has billions of users. It provides the opportunity to segment and target those personae identified above. It gives also an excellent opportunity to target geographies and demographics. Once you have learned enough through this medium you can proceed on to Bing and Google. Note, none of these channels are cheap than Facebook.

9. Video Marketing

Video has become very important in online marketing due to the continued rise in mobile consumption around the world.

10. Budget

Your marketing budget will play an important role and how you move forward.


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