How Uber app is developed ?

by Hamza SiddiquiOctober 24, 2016

In this article, I've addressed what it takes to develop an Uber mobile app.

In order to develop Uber app, we first need to understand that how this apps works.

Uber is combination of two separate apps.

  1. Uber app for Passengers.
  2. Uber app for Drivers.

1. Uber for passengers.

The flow of Uber Passenger's app is as follows:

  1. Registration.
  2. Automatically Track User's location or user can set their own pick location.
  3. Track availability of Driver's location.
  4. Provide estimated fares and available discounts.
  5. Contact options (Call or text) to the driver are provided within the app.
  6. Once the taxi is booked, the passengers can view the taxi live on the app from the starting point, arrival and ending point of the journey.
  7. After the completion of the journey, payment gets deducted through the usage of Stripe API's. The invoice is sent on the phone of the passenger and at the registered Email ID as well
  8. The passenger can rate the driver and write review about their experience.


2. Uber app for Drivers :

The flow of Uber Driver's app is as follows:

  1. Creating Profile
  2. Profile is approved and live only when the admin approves the profile.
  3. Once the profile approved, the drivers are visible on the app.
  4. The app notify the driver when he/she is chosen and generate the estimated ride fare.
  5. The Pickup point along with distance from present location and also the travel distance between the point of pickup and drop is displayed to the driver.
  6. The driver has 15 seconds to accept or decline the booking request.
  7. If accept, calling to a passenger from the app is made.
  8. The driver can review the booking history including the cancelled bookings.


How much it cost to build an app like Uber ?

There are two (2) ways through which we can develop a similar uber like app for you

  1. You Purchase Source Code and we customize it
  2. Create an Uber like app from scratch

1. Source code and its customization :

Many companies today provide source code of these kind of well known apps. You can purchase these source code on the price they offering and hire us to customize the code according to your requirements.

To name some few companies, please review:

1. Elluminati


3. Dectar / Zoplay

and many more.

We at AAlogics (Pvt) Ltd. provide implementation of these source codes as per client's design and flow.

Please check out our blog in which we briefly compare the features and prices of these Uber-X clone Vendors. COMPARE APP LIKE UBER OF DIFFERENT VENDORS

2. Create an Uber like app from scratch  :

Planning to develop your own code ? Here're the steps and development hours in which a clone of Uber app can be created. Let us review the development phases fucntionality-wise :


1. Location and Routing Feature:

Uber uses GPS technology to determine the current location. There is also an option for the users to manually select their pick-up location.

Uber's routing engines work effectively from the moment customers open the app till they get dropped off.

Routes and directions are powered by Google Maps in this app as it was the easiest solution.

In iOS app, the Location services are provided by CoreLocation framework to determine the current location and MapKit framework for routes and directions selection.

Google Location Services API is used in Uber Android apps to get a user's location.

The development hours for building this feature

  • Geolocation - 25 hours
  • Create a ride - 25 hours
  • Track the ride - 65 hours

The cost can vary depending upon the developer's per hour rates.

2. Payment Integration:

Uber uses payment gateway that is developed specifically mobile it's not a web browser payment gateway.Uber app also uses service that allows recognizing card numbers from the image of the card.

The development hours for building this feature

  • Payment Gateway Integration - 45 hours
  • Add / Scan a card - 40 hours
  • Get Price - 13 hours

3. Signing Up and Profile updating :

The Uber app provides its customers authorisation through Facebook account or email and asks for a phone number.

For profiles, the minimum need is a photo, name and car license plate number (driver-side app).

To implement registration and profiles, following are the development hours:

  • sign in / out - 4 hours
  • registration via email - 10 hours
  • registration via social media - 10 hours each
  • registration via the phone number - 15 hours
  • profile editing - 30 hours

4. Notification and communication :

  • Uber app users can call or text driver directly from the app to implement push notification service in Uber.
  • Apple Push Notification Service (APN) is used to develop for Apple devices.
  • Google Cloud Messaging Service (GCM) is used for an Android-powered device.
  • Uber uses Twilio for SMS notifications.

Push notification integration is done in around 20 development hours. The cost of SMS alert integration is 30 hours, depending on telecommunication APIs integration complexity.

5. Rating and Review

After the completion of the ride passengers and drivers are prompted to rate each other.

The integration of rating system improves the community of drivers and passengers.

It takes 5 hours on developing review / rating feature.

Design & Wireframing

Uber uses very simple design which is clear & seamless and ensures smooth user-interaction.

The design time can start from 40 hours and can rise up to 150 hours for an eye-catching.

Following design estimation is for app similar to Uber:

  • Wireframing - 10 hours
  • User Interface design - 30 hours
  • User experience design - 5 hours

Contact us today for FREE consultation if your business idea is similar to Uber. We will make deep analysis of your requirements and provide a precise estimation of the mobile application.


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