DATA Migration From Magento 1.x to Magento 2.x

by taha.hassanJune 17, 2016

After long awaited of Magento 2 version was introduced at the end of 2015. All Big online merchants were on Magento 1.9 version recognizes the importance of migrating to a new updated released.

Data Migration Tool

Database Structure of magento 2 is change as compare to Magento 1.9. Magento 2 contains 249 tables and magento 1.9 contains 333 tables

Make sure you Install Fresh Magento 2 without Sample Database. There are tools available for database migration

  1. Magento 2 Data Migration Tool has been developed to make migrating the database This tool helps to import critical data, including the all products, customers, sales, order etc.
  2. UB Data Migration Lite Tools has been also developed to migrating the is free migration tool and that easily migrates database
Magento 2 Data Migration Tool

UB Data Migration Lite Magento 2 DATA Migration Tool

UB Magento Migration Tool

Main features of UB Data Migration Lite

  1. Migrate all products
  2. Migrate all Store
  3. Migrate all products attribute sets
  4. Migrate attribute groups
  5. Migrates all categories
  6. Migrate customer records
  7. Migrates sales order Sales Invoices, Sales Shipments records
  8. Migrates Reviews summary and Ratings

Let’s Starting Data Migration

Your current magento version should be Magento 1.6,1.7,1.8,1.9

Download UB Data migration tool from here

After Download UB data migrattion Lite tool put it in your Wamp Or Xamp Folder and run it in browser you see this window

Both Data of magento 1.x and Magento 2.x should be on your local host

STEP 1 :

Step-1 Magento guide
  1. Select your database version database 1.x e.g 1.8,1.9 etc
  2. Select your Database user of both Versions
  3. Host would be Localhost or
  4. Password is optional
  5. And at select your Databae Name
  6. Click on next step if all configration correct you will see message all setting configure successfully.

Step 2

Now next step would be to migrate stores. You have select which store you have to migrate other than it will migrate all stores

Step 3

Next step is to migrate Product attributes

If attributes more than 2000 it will take many hours.

Step 4

If all going goods in next setp you will see Migration of all categories

Step 5

If all categories import successfully then tool comes to importing products

Step 6

Now Ub migration tool imports all customers

Step 7

Now UB migrattion tools imports sales order, sales invoices , sales shipments and other sales information

Step 8

Now UB migration tool imports review summary and ratings

Step 9

The final step is to other important data needed in magento 2 icludes Tax rules, zone etc and catalog rules

If all 9 steps proceed successfully.! Than your Database migrate successfully :)

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