Create new user in Yii2 Framework

by omer.razaMay 26, 2016

This article helps to create a new user custom user in Yii2 basic template

Step 1: Create a new folder under project folder with name “components”.

Step 2 : Create a new test component under the components folder.

  • To create a new user in yii2 , we need to implent the functionality of built in user in vendor/yiisoft/yii2/User.php
  • Copy all the methods and its definition and paste it in test.php under components.
  • Change the following just in test.php
  • Change the name of the class from user to test
  • Create a new login url for test
  • Add a new cookie for test for logout purpose

Step 3: Now add the component in config/web.php beneath the default user array config.

'user' => [ 'identityClass' => 'app\modules\user\models\user, 
'enableAutoLogin' => true, 
'enableSession' => true, 
'loginUrl' => 'index.php',], 
'test' => ['identityClass' => 'app\modules\Test\models\Test, 
'class' => 'app\components\Seller', 
'enableAutoLogin' =>true, 
'enableSession' =>true,],

We have now created the new test user successfully.


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