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A successful E-commerce website is not dependent only on a single factor but many factors decide an E-Commerce website’s to be successful. We can see that E-commerce site, online stores are the best and most emerging business nowadays, there are countless E-Commerce sites varying each other in industry, all of which serving by using different marketing tactics and services whatever they are providing. But all the stores have one common goal that is ROI(Return on Investment). The factors that make an Ecommerce business successful are the same that make any business succeed for example offering a unique product or service that adds value to consumers and their purchasing experience and their satisfaction. Online solutions are very flexible to the customers nowadays and that’s the reason this business is growing rapidly. One should take the advantage of the digital experience to make the E-commerce business more successful.

There are few factors that must be in focus to make a business successful.

Know your consumer:

E-Commerce Consumer

If you want to imagine your consumer and what exactly their requirements and desires are so just imagine your ECommerce site as an actual physical store. Than ask yourself: “What is my consumer looking for? What are their expectations? What features/ services do they need? What marketing tactics should be used that will attain their attention and promote the site for a sale? What will create the site a brand and enhance their purchasing experience” If you have answered the above questions, you have completed the first step towards developing your Ecommerce store.

Choose the Right Platform:

Choose Right

As the E-commerce business is growing rapidly and successfully so a lot of vendors are in market to provide the services. A lot of platforms are available that specifically provides the services to create a successful online store e.g. Magento, Opencart, Bigcommerce , Shopify, WooCommerce (WP-Plugin) etc.

Every platform has its own capability and the unique different features for example Magento is one of the best platform available but not that simple to set up, it has the capability to handle the large scale E-commerce businesses. And if we talk about the Open cart and Shopify etc. they are quite simple to set up and providing solutions worldwide for small E-commerce solutions. All the platforms have the ability to manage and customize the backend structure, extend the structure according to your needs and requirements. You may use its features like providing the discounts on products, transactions in multiple currencies and the integration of third party analytics tools to properly track the activities on your store.

What you need, what you require, what is the scale of your business and what type of features and dependability do you want, you have to answer all these questions and choose the best suitable platform according to needs and requirements. This is a very important step in making your online Ecommerce store.

Take advantage of being online:


In comparison with the general physical store and using the latest online technology we have a great chance to provide the services to the consumer that could not be availed using the traditional retail.

Taking the advantage of being online some examples include: You are providing the free shipping at the customer/consumer door. It highly promotes the customer to buy the product and currently most of the online stores are providing these services.

Another example is that you take the online requirements/expectations from the customer, e.g. the NIKE is providing the option to online design their kicks, so it promotes and encourage the customer to order.

These are the examples that how you may promote your business, so it’s the time to think about the unique idea according to your business nature.

Provide contact Information:

It is the first rule of the business to make you customer satisfy if you want to make your business successful. If you are not tracking that what are the customer needs and what difficulties they are facing so they will not becoming royal anyhow.

So it’s very important to provide contact information through which the customer can interact easily. The best option is to provide the Contact-Us form through which customer can submit any query but the condition is that your response should be rapid without any delay, make sure that you are providing the customer services properly. You may also take a feedback periodically to give the customers value.

Provide Secure Transaction Tool:

In the online business if we are not using the feature to pay at your doorstep then the other option is the online transaction and for that many methods are available. You have to make sure that for the online transaction the payment gateway should be secure that the customer never feels that they are insecure anyhow. Implementing the secure and reliable payment gateways gives you the loyalty of the customer and the customer’s peace of mind.

Consider your brand strategy:


In the first step we have answered many questions and treating like that it’s our ordinary and a physical store. For the physical store what you think that it should be neat and clean, everything should be categorized, managed and placed properly so that the customers will not having any trouble. So the same thing for the online store, the design should be neat and clear; not messy. It should be unique and every product should lie in a relevant category and searchable. The design of your site is the customer’s first impression of your brand and product you want to sell. It should be simple, easy to navigate visually appealing and engaging. This is the main thing how you interact your customer with your site and make them confident that this is the thing what they want.

There are a lot of more point to must keep in mind to make a business successful. E.g. Focusing on your attractive design and don’t ever neglect the Mobile Users, for a good ranking of your site it must be responsive accordingly.

Create an outstanding “About Us” page and write a short story about you and your missions and provide several testimonials. The photos and videos you choose should perfectly describe your product and services. And the main thing to make the world aware with your brand is the Marketing, SEO and other promotions on the social media.

Give us a Call:


Every business is different and there are specific need for every business to make it successful. So it’s the most important step to choose the best solution providers.

We AALOGICS are expert in E-commerce solutions and providing the services in the most rated and demanded platform Magento. If you are looking to start or upgrade your business/ Online Store, we would love to hear from you.


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