Android Development

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Providing services in Mobile Application Development

We got talent in building native Android applications using Java / XML on Android Studio 2.2 and Android SDK.

Our main goal is to create high quality and efficient applications.

Our Skills

Our skills are following:

  • Google Map, Geofence, Geolocation SDKs;
  • Camera API;
  • Audio/Video streaming;
  • Chromecast support;
  • Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram SDK;
  • RESTapi with Retrofit, Volley;
  • Google Cloud Messaging, Pushwoosh push integration;
  • Parse, Firebase SDK integration;
  • Capsule CRM, Salesforce CRM integration;
  • Barcode, QR scanners;
  • In-app purchases.

Repositories We Use

We use Bitbucket, Github, Gitlab private repositories and submit code on daily bases.