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Seller Registration Extension

Seller Registration Extension

This Magento extension is a useful tool to register new vendors at your online e-Commerce Site.

This extension will encourage the sellers to develop their business using your website as a platform causing to develop your business and promoting your website as well.

Main features of this extension includes:

  • Encourage sellers to get registered to your website.
  • Introduce your website to new brands/products.
  • Simple management system for the admin.

Compatible with Magento 1.8-1.9

Price: $300

Installation: $100

Allow creation of seller and manages their accounts.Like to have new brands to use your platform to market their products.This extension is a helping hand to register new vendor at your online shopping store.This extension provide seller registration and management from admin.Sellers can register from site and admin can track/manage whole process from admin.


Seller Registration Front View

  • Front View Contains the information fields that a vender have to submit before getting registered to your site.

Status of Registrations

  • Once the registration request is submitted by the seller,It have to be approved by the admin to complete the registration process.

Edit Registrations

  • Any Information provided by the seller at the time of registration can be edited by the admin.

Information of Registrations

  • This extension keeps registration history and information that can be viewed by the admin.

Registration Directory

  • Registration directory contains the list of registered sellers and their related information.

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