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Magento SimSim Extension

Magento SimSim Extension

Integrate on the most powerful payment method to your magento Store. Sim Sim payment solution provides convenience to user for easy payments to boost conversions.

  • Easy integration process.
  • Checkout integration.
  • Pay via One Time Password.
  • Pay via QR code.

Compatible with Magento 2.1.X , Magento 2.2.X , Magento 1.X

Price: $100

Installation: $50

AAlogics created Finja's famous SimSim Wallet payment extension for Magento 1 merchants in Pakistan.

What is SimSim ?

Its a mobile payment platform service which is created for the betterment of digital commerce in Pakistan.The SimSim app is a collaboration of Finja and FINCA Microfinance Bank that allows consumers to transfer payments free and it's a kind of digital financial product.

SimSim Motive

“ Break-free! Get cash, checks and cards out of your life. Create your own ecosystem and be always there for your friends, family and inner circle. Save unlimited time and money by making free frictionless and real-time payments.”

How SimSim work ?

SimSim connected to other banks via 1-Link for quick transfers, while ATM cards are provided so that customers can withdraw cash. Payments made and/or received are free for users and their mobile numbers are in fact, their account numbers.

To be a part of the SimSim network, all anyone has to do is download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and set up their wallet.

And if you are a merchant looking for SimSim payment integration on your Magento-1 eCommerce store then you can contact us
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