Sales Origination Extension

Do you want to view history of customer's order in one click?

This extension keep track about origination of customer i.e google adwords, google shopping , facebook and other. It also provide detail report about orders so store owner can keep track which marketing channels are generating more sales.

Add this extension at your Magento store, so you can easily view the whole history of customer purchases in a few clicks.

Main features of this extension includes:

  • With our Sales Origination Magento Extension it's reality. Save time that you spend on orders management.
  • Provide detail report of sales of your product, so you can easily view who, when, from where and how much purchased this product and what's the order status.

Compatible with Magento 1.8x- 1.9x

Price: $100

Installation: $100


Search filters

This extension contains filters, admin can view the data with respect to their status and origination for any specific period of time.

Specified Order Tabs

Specified order tab generate results for the selected specific order status.

Order Origination Report

This feature provides information about origination of orders, it keeps track of all placed orders with their origination, admin can also view the record of placed orders for any specific origination.

Extension Access

Admin can access this extension in the sales report located in the Reports tab.