Magento 2 SMS Extension

Magento 2 SMS Order Confirmation Extension by AAlogics allows Magento store owners to acknowledge customers through SMS and confirm orders.

We provide Mobilink and Telenor SMS gateway to integrate SMS service and validate the customers.

Main features of this extension includes:

  • Order Success Page.
  • Transactional Sms.
  • Order Detail Page with custom status i.e SMS CONFIRMED.
  • Telenor SMS Gateway.
  • Mobilink SMS Gateway.
  • Ufone SMS Gateway.

Benefits of SMS Notification Magento 2 Extension:

  • Order Verification - Send OTP to user against New Order
  • Order Confirmation - Confirm your Order by Enter OTP
  • Shipment Notification - SMS Notification on Order Shipment
  • Comment Notification - SMS Notification on Order Comment
  • Order Cancellation - SMS Notification on Order Cancellation
  • TWO WAY SMS - Send Delivery SMS To Particular User


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  • Free 30 Days support
  • One Time Payment Cost. No extra or Hidden Charges.
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    Compatible with Magento 2.1.X , Magento 2.2.X , Magento 2.3.X , Magento 1.X

    Price: $99

    Installation: $50

    Features Magento 2 SMS Extension

    SMS play an important role in E-Commerce now days. Magento E-commerce business owners are in need of a service that validates them the authenticity of an order placed on their Magento site. This validation usually takes place at checkout, where the customers are asked to enter a pin code sent to their contact number. This is crucial as this frees the store owner from the hassle of contacting the customer via phone calls to re-confirm their order. Therefore, we at AAlogics have come up with a Magento extension that provides relief to Magento store owner, our developers have made sure to keep every real life scenarios that store owners face in their day to day conduct while handling their customers. We have several clients in out list that has avail this extension on their Magento store.

    Easily Enable Magento-2.x SMS Service

    In General setting of SMS Authentication plugin, the admin can enable the extension and just simply choose the SMS service provider as they like, in Pakistan we have Mobilink, Warid, Telenor and Ufone. Store owner is required to fill the API key and credentials provided by the network service provider company, once all the requirements are completed the service will be integrated. Store owner can set SMS template in which Name attributes, Order number, Store Name and Verification Code which is dynamic and is picked from order information.

    Magento-2.x Checkout Page Verify Box

    Choosing Mobilink as SMS service and filling with the API URL provided by the Mobilink company, the service will be integrated. A verification box is added on checkout which makes it easy for the customer to input code which is sent immediately on the phone number in the order information. Whole process is made as convenient as possible.

    Confirm SMS Status

    Once the customer enters the verification code order status is changed to verified which helps the store owner to sorts his/her orders.

    Verify Customer Order Number

    Verifying customer's order number is the first step for checking if the input mobile number by customer is correct. This avoids the wrong deliveries and makes the Magento store owners to believe that they have received authentic order. SMS on Customer’s Mobile: Code receive on customer’s number that needs to enter on website to validate the order.

    SMS Gateway :

    Choosing any telecom service as SMS service and filling with the API URL provided by the telecom company, the service will be integrated. User-name / password is provided by telecom company.

    • SMS Mask: This will send message under brand name.
    • SMS Message Template: User can edit the template message.

    Admin Online Refund Feature

    The refund features enables the admin to process refund.