Magento 2 Scraper ( Product Importer ) Extension

Magento 2 Product Importer Extension Features

Import products from major suppliers.

Scrap any website with hundreds of categories and thousands of products to choose from.

Scrap products from supplier of your choice.

Our extension is completely customizable, which means we can update our code to scrap products any website. Currently, our extension can scrap from Just tools, KG Electronics, Dropship Zone. Let us know your desire supplier to import product.


Add multiple and unique products attributes automatically.

This extension can automatically add unique attributes on imports that did not previously exist on your Magento 2 store.

Scrap product description and media.

The extension can import product descriptions, product specifications, product images and galleries from supplier's product pages to your Magento 2 store. It automatically omits any details of the seller and supplier.

Allow user to set desired pricing formula.

Store owners can set markup on the original price by adding and multiplying prices in a given range.

Scrap original, special, and discounted price.

As there are multiple prices on suppliers page. The extension will import the price for each variant of the product differently, also original and discounted (with added markup ) prices are displayed on the store front end.

Assign categories to products automatically.

During import, the extension will automatically create and assign the category of the imported product in Magento according to the category assigned on the supplier’s website.

Import complete variation set for each product

Each product have different set of variation like color, sizes, shipping country, etc. Extension will import each variation to the store giving visitor options to choose from and maintaining the look and feel that store actually owns all the goods.

Edit and Import.

This feature lets you edit assigned category, product name, price, product description, variations, galleries and media files, before importing products to Magento store, giving store owner complete control over how he wants to market the product on his/her store.

Bulk Import.

This feature let you import multiple products from a category, each product is imported one by one and are assigned to the same category as they are on suppliers website.

Place order automatically.

Once the order is placed on Magento store, the admin can use the place order automatically functionality that populates supplier's checkout with address and product for which the order was placed. The store owner must be logged in to his/her supplier's account.