Leopards Courier Magento 2

MAGENTO 2 Leopards Courier Shipping EXTENSION FEATURES

This extension lets you integrate Leopard Courier Service API to your Website that enhances your control over shipment through LCS tracking number and google map user locations.

Leopards Courier Shipping API integration

To integrate Leopards Courier Shipping with Magento 2 we require Leopards Courier Shipping API KEY, Leopards Courier Shipping API PASSWORD, Leopards Courier Shipping API URL, and Leopards Courier Shipping TRACKING URL.

Magento Shipment Creation with Leopards Courier Shipping Tracking Number

Once the order is shipped using Leopards Courier Shipping through magento admin, immediately a tracking number is allotted with link to track, which is sent to the customer through email.

Sync Pakistan Cities Automatically

Fetch latest Pakistan cities to which Leopards Courier Shipping provides shipping automatically through api. This is also helps to correct any typographical error in city on checkout details by customer.

Sandbox testing environment with error log report

This enables store owner to test the extension with all features running before live deployment and error log report for debugging.

Store Owner information

Essential store Owner information is through API to Leopards Courier Shipping portal automatically where Admin previously had to enter it manually.

Shipment with / without invoice

Store Owner can ship orders with and without generating invoice for each item.

Google Map Integration

Get accurate addresses on checkout from customers using Google maps reducing chances of error on user input thus increasing order fulfilment rate.it's easy to configure from the admin panel.

Pakistan cities dropdown

If user makes an error while input in city field check out admin can manually select correct value to send to Leopards Courier Shipping api.