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Magento Order Verification by SMS

Magento Order Verification by SMS

Detect suspicious orders by SMS. Implement an additional verification step to protect your store from fraudulent operations. The extension authenticate the customer and confirm the order placed on successful checkout.

Main features of this extension includes:

  • SMS on Successful Checkout.
  • Ufone, Warid, Zong, Telenor and Twilio Gateways.
  • Two Way SMS verification (Twilio).
  • SMS reply status update.
  • Verification Code facility to Simply confirm order on Order Success.
  • Dynamic SMS Message Template.
  • Filter Fake Orders.

Compatible with Magento 1.x and Magento 2.x

Price: $100

Installation: $50

It is very important to authenticate the customer and confirm the order on successful checkout. We have implemented all famous SMS gateways to send messages to customers. The extension adds a step on checkout in which the customer enters a Verification code that he received on its mobile phone. The extension has an option that confirms the order by two-way authentication e.g. Simply reply Y or YES to the message to confirm the order.


SMS verification

This extension send messages to customers, to confirm the order the user have to update received verification code on order success page.

Twilio sms verification

We have an option available to confirm order by two-way authentication e.g. Simply reply Y or YES to the message to confirm order.

SMS Verification on success page.

The user is asked to provide the received code for authentication and order confirmation.


User must update the received code on the success page for order completion.

Admin Online Refund Feature

The refund features enables the admin to process refund.

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